DOUNIKA NARU HIBI similar as flavour of youth !!

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DOUNIKA NARU HIBI similar as the flavour of youth !!

Dounika Naru Hibi or Blissful go fortunate days identify is kinda bizarre in English however it’s like taste of youth as a result of we obtained 3 particular person tales that don’t have anything to do with anybody regardless of its ranking over the web I favored it and should you like slice of life and need to kill a while you’ll prefer it to.
so is it a must-watch anime film no it is not that as a result of like I stated it’s a slice of life
spoiler alert !!!
DOUNIKA NARU HIBI is same as flavour of youth

so the primary one was yuri they meet one another on the marriage ceremony of their ex-girlfriend and discover out that they each gotten dumped by the identical lady one factor led to a different they began relationship and that is that.
DOUNIKA NARU HIBI is same as flavour of youth
Second, we obtained a college instructor who needed some type of romantic or to say thrilling in his life apparently however after a scholar confesses their emotions to him after commencement that is an all-boys college by the way in which so ya you possibly can say its yaoi but it surely’s not they didn’t meet once more after that confession, nor the instructor replied to his emotions.
DOUNIKA NARU HIBI is same as flavour of youth

The third was a bit longer than the opposite ones and in a teenage boy fall for her cousin who just lately made an grownup video due to that her father kicked her from house so she was dwelling with him for a while she would often tease him along with her physique elements there’s a lady who’s love with this boy story is about how they develop collectively and had a relationship after her cousin determined to maneuver from his home.

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