Young Master the Grim Reaper and the Black Maid

This anime is really fun to watch

based on my experiance

So If you don’t know anything about this anime let me fill you in.

cursed by a witch Bocchan is a boy born into a rich and prestigious family.

curse is about any living thing he touches will die including plants and trees. Afraid of this curse his family sends him to a different place so he can’t harm his siblings or anyone.

Alice is his maid and she is beautiful now she is with him from his childhood they also have feelings towards each other. there is some ecchi in this anime but it is not showing anything so you can say it is pleasest ecchi that I love about this show, another thing I love about this show is their daily life how Bocchan thinks about Alice all the time and it would be nice to touch her or feel her, Alice also makes his day entertaining doing slight naughty things to him that made his day their chemistry is good and pleasing.

The pace of the anime is also good, They are trying to remove the curse or gather any information about the curse they can. Most of the time its Bocchan and Alice ‘s wholesome romentic moments.


Don’t freek out when i say it is CGI ok I know After the curesed anime called EX-arm that was a disaster but it is not the case in here.

It is more acceptable with it’s expresions and animation over all is good no complaint there.

Music is also great in general and opening and ending is also good.

Characters & Voice Actors

Main Character

Alice Alice -Mano, Ayumi

Source – Myanimelist

Bocchan Bocchan – Hanae, Natsuki

Source – Myanimelist

Suppoting Characters

Rob Rob – Ootsuka, Houchuu

Source – Myanimelist

Viola Viola – Minase, Inori

Source – Myanimelist

Caph Caph – Kuramochi, Wakana

Source – Myanimelist

Zain Zain – Kamiya, Hiroshi

Source – Myanimelist


Yamakawa, Yoshiki Director

Aketagawa, Jin Sound Director

Hanae, Natsuki Theme Song Performance

Mano, Ayumi Theme Song Performance

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